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Interesting and surprising facts about casinos.

The casino is always a great source of all kinds of stories and legends, as well as fascinating myths that seem very good to be true. Some amazing facts about casinos come from societies where it’s strictly forbidden, proving that it’s very difficult to keep people from being attractive to win large sums of money.

Gambling cards

Millions of people on the planet spend their money gambling every year. Not all of them are lucky enough to make the big coin, but the risk does not stop lovers of fast money. Specialized organizations annually conduct research, which collects statistics on average spending in casinos for each country.

Thus, Japanese players to correct the situation, have to use a large legal loophole. At the same time, it was prohibited for all local people to play in Monaco. Here are some important facts about casinos that you probably didn’t even know about.

A voluntary ban on casinos

Currently, in several states of America it is possible to prohibit yourself from entering the casino, if the dependence on such games is completely out of control. For example, in Ohio there is a special program for players called “Voluntary Exclusion”, which allows them to prohibit playing for a certain time or forever.

Different superstitions and various gambling often go hand in hand. In this regard, it is not surprising that some particularly lucky players were assigned magical qualities. The “number of the beast” from the Bible is in any institution with a roulette wheel. If you just add up all the numbers on the wheel, you get 666! This is why roulette is also often called the “Devil’s Wheel”.

5 facts about casinos

Casino items

Without clocks and windows

The casino room should evoke euphoria and excitement for the player. That is, extremely positive emotions that will make a person happy. And, as everyone well knows, happy hours are not observed. This is the principle that guides the vast majority of casinos. That’s why you’ll never see a clock on the wall in gaming venues. Without knowing what time it is, players just lose touch with time. They think they’ve been to the casino for a while now, and they keep playing.

For the same reason, there are no windows in the casinos. Players can play for days without thinking about the fact that one day has already changed and the other day has already changed.

Richard Nixon became the American president thanks to regular poker…
Interesting facts about gambling do not end there. Thus, it is known that Richard Nixon in the Navy officer differed ability to play poker and incredible luck. In total, he won over six thousand American dollars from his fellow officers. He spent the winning amount on his own campaign in 1946 and soon became a real congressman. Some time passed, and the lucky poker player became the thirty-seventh president of the United States.

Fruit in the slot machines

Pictures of oranges and cherries can also tell you interesting things about the casino. Initially, the gaming machines used standard card suits: tambourines, clubs, as well as spades and hearts. At the beginning of the last century, the authorities took strict measures to combat gambling and banned the image of these suits. However, they did not think that manufacturers of gaming machines will easily bypass such a ban.


The latter have invented devices with images of a variety of fruit cherries instead of card suits. When in one row formed the same fruit, the player received gum with the same taste. Over time, the ban on card suits was abolished, but the fruit managed to take root as images on the scoreboard machines.

The invention of the sandwich

According to an interesting legend, in the distant 1765 Count Sandvichev, John Montague, was so avid gambler that even during the meal did not want to leave the gaming table. Instead, the count ordered his servants to bring him meat between specially sliced bread. In this way, Montague could eat and play at the same time. In the end, a “sandwich” was born.

Unfortunately, numerous stories about some optimal winning strategies are just a myth. This is what many researchers say. Their conclusions are based on very complex calculations. In addition, it is also impossible to calculate the pattern of numbers falling out at roulette. The great Albert Einstein proved it. Thus, all popular on the Web secret methods and theories have no practical confirmation.

Where did the term “dice” come from?

Gambling has existed since time immemorial. Thus, once upon a time there was a gambling game in which players threw up the animal bones, and then won depending on how the bone fell on the table. As time passed and soon in ancient Greece there were the first prototypes of today’s gaming bones – special cubes, with carved on them certain symbols. Even at that time they were made not only of animal bones, but also of pebbles and marble.

The people of Monaco and gambling

Monte Carlo is known to be very small and is an administrative unit of Monaco. It is the centre of the gambling world. Therefore, there must be some interesting facts about the casino. Despite the many gaming clubs and casinos that are located here, you can only play them for foreigners. Local residents are not allowed to go to casinos.

Also, there are no airports at all in this small country. This is because of the space that is being saved for development. Therefore, you will have to use the train to visit a gaming club in Monaco.

Gamblers are omens and superstition

Roulette 2

Gambling has such a feature that the main factor in them is luck. And to catch it, players are willing to observe certain rituals and believe in omens. They are the result of both long historical events, and personal experience. Quirks can vary – from choosing a good day to small operations to attract luck and wear amulets. They can help a person feel more confident. Even inveterate skeptics can not completely avoid the influence of the casino and over time they create their own.

The signs of gamblers

  • The most common way to make friends with luck is to wear happy clothes, and most often they are red. This is especially true for lingerie. Players have a certain outfit to go to the casino, and if it failed, it must be sprinkled with salt.
  • There are superstitions of gamblers concerning animals. Black cat, met on the way to the gambling house – to failure, the visit is likely to be canceled. Do not bring guests who come with their cats or dogs, because they can become messengers of quarrel and repel good luck.
  • Sometimes players inspired by the example of Jay Grokhowski, instead of long calculations just perform fancy dances, which also lures success.
  • The stubborn players prefer to start the round with a new deck – it’s reassuring that in this case the cards are not marked.
  • The table for the game is better to choose the one with a player in good spirits and a mountain of chips. The place at the table is also important: on the contrary, the entrance is happy, the back to the fireplace is the opposite.
  • Asking to blow on the dice of a stranger or a beautiful woman is also a common thing. And the best thing to do is to bring a woman with you. She will be a talisman for good luck and will stand behind her back at the gentleman during the game. The main thing is not to touch the player himself, then fortune will turn away.
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Top 10 tips for visiting a casino in Las Vegas

Everyone has their reasons for visiting Las Vegas, but no matter what your motives are, the 10 tips below will help you save time and money and may even lead you to something you didn’t expect to see during your stay, especially if it’s your first time in Vegas.


10. Leave your children at home

Of course, children are beautiful. But I have to be honest with you, they don’t belong in Las Vegas. It’s not for nothing that this city is called “Disneyland for adults”, “Sin City”, where children have absolutely no need to be present, at least on your first trip there. So do everyone a favor, including yourself, and leave your little angels at home. Believe me, you will not regret your decision.

9. Timing your trip to some big event

The Las Vegas event calendar is packed with concerts, sporting events and shows for people of all shapes and sizes 365 days a year. Why not increase the efficiency of your visit by making one of these events a key part of your trip and the main purpose of your trip, and add all other “going out” as an extra bonus? For those who love sports betting, it’s worth noting separately that a major event doesn’t have to be in Las Vegas, as it’s still an ideal place to be during Kentucky derby, March Madness and other events.


8.Use player cards

Even if you are not such a gambler or do not plan to spend a few hours at the gaming table, you should still spend an extra 10-15 minutes and get yourself a player card in any resort casino where you spend a long period of time.

Many provide free offers or games, and since most of the casinos in Las Vegas are currently owned by a small number of operators, one card will be valid for several gambling establishments. For example, the M Rewards Card will be valid at international casinos such as Bellagio, Aria Resort & Casino, Vdara, MGM Grand Hotel & Casino Las Vegas, Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino, The Mirage, New York-New York Hotel & Casino, Monte Carlo Las Vegas Resort & Casino, Luxor Hotel and Casino, Excalibur Hotel and Casino and the Circus Circus Hotel Casino, as well as at all the restaurants and bars they serve.

You will receive a credit for every dollar you spend on gambling and when you return home you will receive special offers and updates via email.


7. Take advantage of the Happy Hours service and free rides.

Las Vegas may be expensive, but it also has many unique attractions and entertainment attractions that are conveniently located and available for free, as well as a large number of bars and restaurants offering a variety of lucrative promotions and the Happy Hours service.

One of the most famous attractions is the water fountains of Bellagio, which are activated approximately every half hour during the day and every 15 minutes at night. The best point of view is the footbridge to Belly or the Eiffel Tower restaurant. Don’t deny yourself the pleasure of seeing the unusual spectacle while sitting in a beautiful place with a glass of delicious drink in your hand. We also recommend the Bellagio Conservatory and the Botanical Garden, an aquarium with 50 thousand gallons of salt water in Caesars Palace, the “Lake of Dreams” in Wynn Las Vegas and the pedestrian walkway Fremont (for more details, see point 4).

As for “Happy Hours” and actions for alcoholic drinks, for example, in The Mirage casino in the lobby bar it is offered to order two cocktails at the price of one from Monday to Thursday, from 01:00-03:00 and from 13:00-15:00. Casino Royale, in turn, offers its visitors a $1 beer around the clock. The good news is that this is the cheapest beer in town, and the bad one is Michelob Ultra.


6. Pick out the right clothes.

No matter what time of year you visit Las Vegas, it is very important to bring the right clothes and shoes. Just because you’re going to come to this city in July, when the temperature reaches almost 40 degrees every day, doesn’t mean you won’t need a light jacket or sweater – casinos are usually a little chilly. And, of course, an extra layer of clothing will also come in handy in other months (especially November to April), when temperatures will drop to 10 degrees at night.

Also, your feet will be very grateful if you wear shoes that are comfortable for long walks, such as demi sneakers. You’ll walk a lot more in Las Vegas than you do at home or on other trips, so be prepared for that.

5. It’s not worth renting a car

It is really not necessary to rent a car in Las Vegas unless you are in a resort that is located at a decent distance from Las Vegas Strip, such as Red Rock Casino, Resort & Spa, M Resort or Green Valley Ranch Resort, Spa and Casino. Take advantage of Uber and LYFT systems and their “free fare” scheme that they offer to new customers. Once you download these applications to your phone, you will never have to queue for a taxi again.

There are other public transportation options that are convenient, reliable, clean and free of charge, and you can use them if you want to explore the Las Vegas Strip completely. Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino offers two shuttle buses, which run every half hour from 10:00-13:00. There is also a monorail that runs between Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino and Excalibur and Treasure Island. It will save you both money and time.


4. Go to Downtown.

The “business centre” of the city is certainly worth a visit for a few days or at least one night to experience the “old school” sensations and surroundings of the famous hot spots. These include Binion’s Gambling Hall & Hotel, the Four Queens Hotel and Casino and California Hotel & Casino, as well as the recently refurbished Golden Nugget, Plaza Hotel and Casino and Downtown Grand restaurants.

The Fremont alley hosts a large party every night with live music, open-air bars and a Viva Vision light show that will make you feel completely awake. The alley is 90 feet above the road and features a 1,500 foot long and 90 foot wide video screen. With 12.5 million LED lights, it shows six-minute shows every hour from 6pm to 1pm. Each of them is a unique musical performance featuring some of the most famous names in the music world, such as The Who, Kiss, Bon Jovi or Imagine Dragons, and it’s truly breathtaking.


3. Do not underestimate the distance

While the use of public transportation is welcome, we also encourage you to take some time out on foot during your visit to Las Vegas. Keep in mind, however, how far away casinos are from each other and how large their grounds are. You can easily get lost inside Caesar’s or Bellagio’s just because they are really huge.

Although it may seem like you just need to reach out and touch the brightly lit red-and-blue Rio entertainment complex from the Palazzo where you are, this is actually a very insidious walk and will take you about 40 minutes. So you’d better take the bus or at least be prepared for longer distances.

2. Learn the best way to “walk” on the Las Vegas Strip, and get a move on.

It may sound strange, but there is an art of maneuvering down this street, so some knowledge about what can be done and what can’t be done is absolutely necessary.


First of all, do not pay attention to the large number of “pimps” who try to hand you cards in strip clubs and offer escort services. You do not need to be rude to them, but you should also feel comfortable passing by and ignoring the guy wearing a fluorescent T-shirt with the inscription “Orgasm Clinic”. It’s not worth explaining to him why you’re not interested in the services offered by his employer.

In addition to these fine people who contribute to the adult industry, you can also meet people dressed like Elvis, Batman or Smurfs, and they will all try to persuade you to take a picture with them. Before you do, however, remember that they will do it for a fee or at least a tip of $5 to $10. Remember that these people are not there out of the goodness of their heart, they are trying to make a living.

Also, the road that runs along the street is for cars and other vehicles only. So be careful when crossing to the other side, otherwise you may get a fine or worse, get seriously injured, and stay away from any schematically marked areas, especially after dark.

Now, after following the above instructions, you are ready to discover one of the best places on earth. Choose one end of the street, grab yourself an adult drink and go to the casino world: play, drink and eat as much as you can afford. Also don’t forget to buy your friends souvenirs, which you can also find on the Las Vegas Strip. Among other things, we suggest taking a stroll through two of the city’s newest entertainment districts, The Park and The Linq Hotel & Casino Promenade, which are both within easy reach of Vegas’ main street.


Come to a point, and the next day continue your walk from it. This exercise will give you the opportunity to “feel the city”, where there are many casinos, each of which is different in its style and the services offered. When you return to the office at the end of your vacation, you will be a real expert on Las Vegas and will know exactly what you want to visit on your next visit.

1. Do more than just waste your time gambling.

There’s still something more important left in Las Vegas than gambling. In fact, the casinos on Strip Street receive 60 percent of their income from sources unrelated to gambling.

Yes, your main goal when you come to this city may be to spend many hours at a blackjack table or at a betting office betting on NFL. But make sure you cut out some time in your schedule to be able to do other things. Las Vegas has a huge number of the best restaurants, swimming pools and spas in the world, and there are various shows for every taste. There are also all sorts of attractions, parachute jumps and more. Watch the stunning rooftop sunset at the Stratosphere Casino and play golf, which opened behind the MGM Grand in May.

There’s a huge selection of millions of opportunities before you. Make a plan by including more than just gaming entertainment and make it happen. You will definitely not regret it, and your wallet and liver will say thank you.

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